Saturday, January 07, 2006


Mobility is an overriding area of care. What makes it odd is that it is a narrative notre instead of a fill in the blank type that the other OAC are. Mobility needs to be assessed on everyone , is not a difficult task and can easily be incorporation during other cares and is not a timed AOC,having the entire PCS to complete.The pt needs to move to another position at least once during the PCS, moving them to the side and back during cares does not count.The CE will let you know on the assignment sheet if there are any considerations for mobility such as bed rest or may not bear weight or a side they may not lie on. My mneumonic for mobility is BPAEMR : Blood Pressure Always Elicits My Response.
BP- Balance and Posture are simultaneously observed. This is an assessment of the Pt mobility status. Look for any impairment, lack of steadiness , leaning. Include any immobilization such as casts or traction in your assessment.
A- assistive devices/alignment An assistive device is anything used to assist in mobility or positioning. It may be a walker , wheelchair ,pillow,trapeze,a lift, gait belt ,side rails,or a pillow even.Ask yourself if ANYthing assisted this person during movement or positioning.It may be as simple as"Pt assisted to side chair with minimal hands on assist of one"
E - Equality/Extraneous Movements. Observe and Document if the Pt limb movement is symmetrical and if there are any jerking , tremors ect. A client may have hemiplegia that would needs that a person with full use of limbs do not.
M- Moved to. Document where the client was moved to and any assist needed .Be sure to support anything injured or weak.
R- Record/Response. Document all of the critical elements as well as how the client tolerated movement.

Enlist the aid of the CE if needed. Do not attempt any unsafe tranfers or ambulation that may harm you or the client. Be sure you put slippers on the pt who will be gettingout of bed. This pt is your prized possession during your PCS and safety of this fragile treasure is important!!


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