Thursday, January 12, 2006

Comfort Management

Comfort management is a straight forward AOC. Pt may need assist and care to feel optimal and promote the healing process.Simply the nurse will assess the pt comfort needs by asking them to describe comfort needs or to observe behaviors such as restlessness.If discomfort can be pinpointed to a local site then you perhaps have one of the THREE comfort measures you are required to perform.I have read others indicate that the nurse only needs to offer three, not to actually do them, but that is not what is written in the 12 th edition study guide. If the offered comfort measures are not accepted ASK what you can do for them.
The following are the comfort measures set out by EC:

1)Washing hands, face or other vulnerable skin surfaces. The assist can be simple as providing the warm basin and wash clothes, or washing a baby's bottom at diaper change.

2) Repositions. This has to be done as a required mobility AOC. It is a given !It cannot be turning over and back to the same position.Turning to the side and placing a pillow between the knees is heavan to many.Holding an infant is acceptable repositioning.

3)oral care. if this is done for the pt, you must wear gloves.Even if you are just setting them up to do their own oral care you must wear gloves while bringing supplies.The CE will designate what is being used for peds pt under 4 for oral care.

4)back rub. Yes, this can be time consuming, but it is very appreciated and may incite your pt to be more cooperative. Warm any lotion used and be relaxing, not vigorous with your massage.

5)relaxing/distraction-Tv , a book,a game are suitable for distraction.Relaxation techniques include guided imagery, rhythmic breathing a systematic flexing and releasing of muscles. It can be a bit uneasy to talk someone through it. However if using it to prepare for the CPNE for your own nerves, you have some idea of how effective it can be.

6)Linens. change or straighten

7) Heat/cold as assigned. Use a barrier . Duration, temp, and site will be designated on your kardex .

8) medication ( if assigned) medications that increase comfort are emolliants for skin, throat sprays,topical analgesic, such as bengay.This will be co-assigned under medications on the kardex. Use critical thinking when making up your plan of implementation so that you notice one AOC may converge.

In the end the student nurse must document initial findings, comfort measures instituted and as with all management AOC the pt response to the treatment measures implemented.Try to get a verbal affirmation of improved comfort levels.Observing that a client is asleep or no longer crying especially for a noncommunicative client can be charted.

I made up a Mnumonic or this after a bit" Assess My Humble WORLD reasses which boils down to:Assess Massage Heat/cold,med(all as assigned) Wash ( hands, face,vulnerable) Oral care (wear gloves when picking that stuff up!)Reposition,Linens,Distract/relax, Reassess. I finally can rattle them all off ..yippee


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What is an AOC?

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